Saturday, 30 June 2007

Finding inspiration...

...In the strangest places, well not that strange considering the amazing standard of the music. Relaxing in the bath after my crash at SSUK I listened to "A Sun That Never Sets" by Neurosis and I was struck by one of the lyrics in "Falling Unknown"

"You dream of a mountain, the peaks rise to the sky,
Will you answer their call?

Lie in wait, I will lie awake
Falling through a world unknown"

Pretty much sums up what I am thinking about the whole trip, eager to be tested but humbled by the uncertainties.

I will train and plan for what I can conceive, and hope that I am up to the task of any other hurdle I might encounter.

Enough moping,



Cellarrat said...

Dig the new blog

Alex said...

Thanks dave,

Pretty minor compared to your adventures but the race has really got me stoked :)