Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I am naked no more!

Amanda from Chocloate Fish has stepped up and offered to kit me out with Merino clothing for the trip. Merino will be great in the wide range of conditions that I will encounter, it keeps you warm when its cold, cool and wicking when its hot and even works when wet! Plus it does not stink after a couple of days like synthetics due to the lack of good breeding grounds for bacteria (and any that do cling on wash of easily and the garment will dry PDQ)

I have some CF clothing already but I am looking forward to the new stuff coming on line with a longer body and sleeve cut and slightly more fitted (being tall and lanky!) I plan on using a couple of T's, a long sleeve zip-neck, socks, boxers and leggings (hey, it can get damn cold up in the hills!) with only my cycling shorts, trousers and a formal shirt being the only non-wool items!

I have been using the new MTB Socks and love the dual thickness construction, L and R specific fit and very flat seams that don't rub even when you tighten up your shoes silly tight! They work in everything from damn cold to hot n sweaty while keeping my feet feeling and smelling pretty good. Also good for busy days in the shop running about after customers.



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