Saturday, 23 June 2007

Scottish shorts...

To cover and protect my behind :) Chris at Endura has kindly agreed to kit me out with some of the great Endura shorts for my trip. I would say that shorts are the biggest comfort factor on a bike (with shoes a close second!) so its great to have a company like Endura who consistently win "best in test" kit me out with arse-pads :)

Fine details will be sorted out next week as Chris is currently at Mountain Mayhem 24hr riding round a muddy course...rather him than me!

I should be back on the bike tomorrow 2 weeks after my fall at SSUK. I might do a local ride or possibly head over to Ledbury for the end of the MM 24hr if I fancy a long-ish road ride...depends on the weather and my motivation levels which are a little flat from lack of riding. I also plan to do a test packing of the kit I plan to carry in the race for a rough weight and method of packing. A good job to do if the weather is s#!t.

Amanda at CF has sent a Tshirt for me to try for size, the medium fits like a treat. Plenty long enough in the body but not too baggy that it is "sports wear only" Plus the sleeves are short enough to show off my tatts (and skinny arms!) The merino feels much softer than the previous batch and the moss green goes with anything with out clashing. I am also looking forward to a 300-something gram long sleeve zip-neck top that should make a great winter top / mid-layer for cold nights on the mountain.

Pictures soon...

Over n out


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