Friday, 29 June 2007

Star FM (Cheltenham) today 11:20 and 13:20

I had an interview about my trip at Star FM in Cheltenham yesterday, all the normal questions except that I had to be prompted to say that I was doing it on a singlespeed...gears are just not on my radar anymore so I kind of forget! That was the good part of the day, the bad part was the crab+prawn salad with a side of food poisoning :( Kicked in yesterday at 4pm and still going today at 10am...lost a lot of fluids and food but can't keep too much down. I'm that ill that I am off work (for the first time in ages) and bored senseless (hence the post!) Hopefully I can manage some lunch and be back at work tomorrow as Saturdays are manic!

I have been asked back to Star FM for a follow up interview with Elle (I have to write her name somewhere as I will forget otherwise and sound a dumbass when I phone up!) once the training and fund raising is in full effect (injury and illness allowing!)

I did a test pack of my gear on Tuesday and it all fits in my Jandd rack duffel with space to spare (I don't currently have a spare tyre and some other small bits and bobs so excess space is good) Pack weight was not too bad and I did consider carrying the lighter stuff in my Alpkit bag but it only half filled it so would shift about and there are no compression straps on the pack to clinch it down (as its a super light design!) and I think I would have regretted it in the long run. Still have to decide what to pack in the frame bag and if I should take a bar bag (probably my Carradice zipped roll) for food / essentials. I plan to use long training rides to fine tune that aspect of the kit.

Water carrying is another factor that I need to look at, I have 3 bottle mounts on the frame (DT, ST and under the DT) so I can carry 2l (0.75l x2 and 0.5l) but I might also fit a bottle cage to my bars if there is space amongst the light and GPS. SJS have a double bottle holder that fits to the bars or I might make a holder out of parts and spares....either of which would preclude a barbag...argh!

That's about all for now, hopefully I will be back to full health over the weekend and can at least get some time on the turbo trainer!


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