Thursday, 19 July 2007

I want your money!

Well, only so I can pass it on to the Leonard Cheshire Homes :) Follow the link to see what they do and then pop back here and donate via the JustGiving sponsorship widget thingy over there ----->

I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Gloucestershire today about the trip and I think I freaked the guy out. He was an ex road cyclist and time-trialer so he knew a bit about bikes but really didn't get why I was doing it :) It went really well and I hope I didn't come off as a cocky git, I did make it clear that it was going to hurt and I would consider throwing in the towel several times a day...but I won't have that option with all the sponsorship you are going to give me!

I am still trying to sort out payment for the entry fee, I have the £££ but they want either $UD draft payable on an Indian Bank (HSBC say "No") or a bank transfer...except their bank is not on the SWIFT system. Any international bank experts out there please feel free to contact me with ideas! Only other way is to send a bank draft for the Indian Rupees equivalent of US$500 and keep my fingers crossed!

Made it over to Glos in under 30mins today and back in only slightly longer, pretty good for a 55"gear and 2" tyres on tarmac.

Over and out



Raoul said...

Western Union is made for this kind of thing ;0)

It costs but works pretty much everywhere.

Alex said...

Might see if thats an option, they are a little slack on replying to emails...guess if I lived there I would be out in the mountains most of the time!