Monday, 30 July 2007

Just typical

Following on from my last post I did order some new, heavier duty rims....and on Sunday buckled the front wheel so I was pretty glad when they turned up this morning! I will try and get my wheels stripped tonight so I can re-build them tomorrow morning and get out in the afternoon.

I have also ordered some Oury grips, these are chunky, grippy and sticky MTB grips that you can wrestle onto the lower section of drop-bars and gives more comfort than even double bartape wrap. Only a little tape is then needed round the brake hoods and up to the top corner (as I don't use the flats and the bar bag gets in the way!)

The fundraising is going really well and I am almost at the £200 mark! Keep sending the cash in people and thanks to all those who have already donated.




miketually said...

I was thinking about using grips for my bars too, after seeing a post by ionmuse on, as I appear to suck at wrapping bar tape.

Alex said...

Even when you get the bartape right I find that with Brooks leather tape over a cork tape is still not enough cushioning or diameter for my long fingers!

Anyway, off to play on the Xtracycle and pick up some drinking water :)


miketually said...

Strangely, despite having shovel-like hands (I need XXL Specialized gloves) I've always prefered skinny/minimal grips, so maybe I'll persevere with the tape.