Monday, 23 July 2007

Now I am legal

My visa arrived today, and contrary to what I thought I was going to receive all I got was a small sheet glued in my passport...but as long as it gets me in and out the country! I guess I had a big ornate certificate with gold edging, but ohh well.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, I am off to a great start but I am still a way off my target!

As a equipment geek who works in a bike shop I am trying out a Carradice Barley saddle bag (with my Crud Raceguard as a support!) that on a test-pack held everything I needed with my jacket, camera, gloves and a few other essentials in my Carradice ZippedRoll on the handlebars.

I will use my ride tomorrow as a test for the stability and get used to riding with the weight in a different place. The bike looks real old-skool with the green cotton duck and honey leather straps :)

With all the floods and disruption in Gloucestershire we have escaped with 5mm of water in the cellar and none in the pipes (but plenty of bottles) and so far the power is still on :)



Cellarrat said...

Those bags have always tempded me...

Well love to hear how they work =)

Alex said...

The saddle bag worked really well. I loaded it up with tools, tube, clothes, 1st aid kit, batteries and stuff to about 8-10lbs then did a 50km ride.

It does feel a little odd with the weight there, like having a flat back tyre but it keeps the bike stagle on the fast downhills and does not sway about on the singletrack...I was using a "Crud Race Guard" bracket to support the underside though!

Better set up than a rack and Jandd Duffle rack pack as the weight is further forward of the rear axle and closer to my CoG.

Hope your hip and ribs heal fast!