Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The publicity machine kicks up a gear...

I have a meeting with Laura from Leonard Cheshire Homes tomorrow to sort out how I am going to raise money for them. Check out the website and the work they do...they do some really good work and I am happy to use my silly adventure for something more than breaking my self!

Traing has gone well with 4-5good rides a week at the moment and plenty of hills thrown in. Rode up to the Bontager 24/12 at Guiting on Saturday night to have a look round. It seemed a really chilled event although people were bitiching on the forums about the mud (well duh! 3 weeks of rain on clay soil....)

Still playing about with how to carry my kit, Carousel Design Bags are one option as a partial or complete frame pack and/or h-bar mounted bottles....or a wingnut gear hydropack combo. I have a little while to finalise my selection and try it all out.

On Thursday at 10:30am I will be live on air at BBC Radio Gloucestershire about my trip, all good coverage. There is also talk about an audio training diary.

Moore+Large / Kenda have sponsored me with some Kenda Small Block 8 tyres in 29". Really fast rolling (like a CX tyre) but loads of grip on dry / dusty / hard surfaces, and not bad on grass / loose gravel etc. Most definately NOT a mud tyre though, even so it does clear pretty well once you hit tarmac! Looks like a winner for the conditions I will encounter.

OK, over n out.



miketually said...

The Carousel bags people were using on the GDR looked superb.

Alex said...

Yep, been lusting after a custom bag from them for a while. The Jandd frame pack is pretty good but a little small.

I am toying with the idea of a full-frame bag and bottles on the bars / seat and carry all my stuff near the CoG of the bike...

...my CoG seems to be a foot above my head!


Welsh Dave said...

My DIY solution, inspired by the GDR pics on MTBR:

Just returned from touring in Devon & Cornwall on my Rig. I used a frame bag from my Birdy folding bike. A bit of a tight squeeze in the Rig front triangle, but it easily fitted a 2.5litre bladder, tools, tubes etc. And left plenty of space in the bar bag and rear panniers for emergency Cornish pasties.

Two lightly packed Ortliebs; 1 Clickfix bar bag; 1 DIY frame bag. The handling was very good and I'll use a similar setup in future.


Alex said...

Hi Dave,

Sounds like a good set-up, I am trying a Carradice bag for size tonight with a test-pack and see how it goes.