Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Back on the 'net

Ended up buying a new laptop as Dell are taking the P by asking me to pay for a new mother board despite having paid for a new one less than 9mths ago....this can run and run as I have a faster, better laptop for less £££ so I can afford to string it out :)

Riding has been sporadic but I have been feeling really good on the bike, the 20t White Ind sprocket is on and the test ride up Cheltenham hill (A435) showed how much it was worth...totally aerobic climb all the way. I must change it back to the 18t to keep up the training.

The bike strip down went well and the forks are totally amazing having changed the 4wt for 2.5wt that suits my 10st (140lb) better. The BB is securly fitted in the frame thanks to extra strong loc-tite...I have a feeling that a lot of heat will be needed to shift it one day. Lots of little things to sort out (my ever growing "glitch list") over the next few weeks.

I picked up one of the last bits of kit I need and one I hope not to use...some sterile needles and syringes should I need drastic medical attention!

Fund raising is going well but I am still a way off the £1k I am after. With luck some more coverage in the local press will help boost the "not a friend of mine already" donations.

Not much else going on.


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