Friday, 3 August 2007

Entry fee......done

Finally got the entry fee sorted thanks to Akhil at MTBHimachal and Gill at the HSBC Cheltenham. Turns out I didn't need a SWIFT number and I can send US$ to India. The last two people I saw at the bank were addamant that it just wasn't possible!

I have re-built my wheels with the DT Swiss TK7.1 rims (disc version on the front) and it looks great and gives the tyre a much wider profile than the skinny Mavic MA3's. I had forgotten how well the DT rims build up compared to anything else out there...highly reccomended.

Still scouting round for insurance but the BCF seems to be the only way :(

Probably riding Sunday if I can get a new suit sorted in my 45min lunch break tomorrow. I plan to hook up with IHateNettles in Winchcombe and ride about 20miles on the fixie...probably ride up and over Cleeve hill there and back to get some extra alltitude in...yep I'm a sucker!

Solitude Cycles has ceased trading as with the race, work and other stuff I just didn't have the time.



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