Friday, 28 September 2007

10...9...8...7...6...5...all systems green...4 days to go

Yep, pretty much all stuff that needs sorting is done and all I have to occupy me now are random fears of the unknown. I have copies of all imporant documents (in triplicate and a set at home!) plus useful addresses, phone numbers, race T+C and course / event info. Its the impotent waiting that kills me, I plan on having a lazy Sunday with a lie in, some meditation and possibly a movie (must check the in-flight selection so I don't double up on films!)

I have read a rather disparaging review on last years event which hinged on the writer not getting the idea that it was an adventure race not 9 back to back short-course XC races! The weather, navigation, sleep deprivation and wildlife all come in for criticism but what really got me was the dig he had at the Indian Army Team (who won it!) who instead of riding down a technical descent at 2mph shouldered their 20kg bikes and ran past people riding...hell its a race FFS! Probably won't see the name-less whinger on the GDR start line anytime soon!

Endura have sent me a lovely pair of FS260 bib shorts and a pair of MT500 3/4s to thrash and report on, initial examination show that they are probably the nicest shorts I have ever seen. I can't wait to try tehm out and I hope to have at least one day cold enough to warrant the 3/4s!

The bags are packed (and under wight!) Bike is boxed but not sealed as I need to make a final packing check. I did discover that NO LIQUIDS are allowed in hand luggage to/from India! This lead to a rapid re-packing to loose the mossie spray, sun cream and glasses cleaner from the carry-on bag. I have a change of clothes and some other important stuff in the carry on so if I do loose the main bag I at least have something to change in to and keep me going!

OK, off to bug employees for money :)



Cellarrat said...

Good luck, Ride fast and most of all have fun!!!!

Alex said...

Thanks Dave, I am sure to have lots of photos and stories when I get back!


Hjalti said...

Best of luck. Have a great race!

miketually said...

Good luck, though you've probably gone already?