Monday, 24 September 2007

Glitch central...

Had a slight issue with my "waterproof" jacket and trousers at the weekend...note the " " round the word! I knew I would have to give the trousers a once over with Grangers (or Blacks own brand eqiv) but I thought I hade the jacket covered. After 30-40mins the rain was soaking through the sleeves and running down my arms and starting to come through the shoulder seams. The jacket is only designed as a windproof shell with a little water repellancy so even with the extra proofing its out of its comfort zone. I am going to pony-up and get the Montane Velocity 100% wind, water and yak proof jkt today as being damp at the FoD with a hot shower and tea 10mins away is not the same as 10,000ft and 50km to go!

The karrimor hydropack will need proofing to as its not very water repellant and the rain cover does not fit! Nice one guys! Its big enough to fit over the bag and has an elasticated draw cord but as the pack is tapered and rounded it just falls off. I guess I could tie it on some how in a real emercency but its less than ideal. I will add some bin bags to my list to keep my kit dry.

On a plus note the bike was fine but anything other than sustained climbing or tricky singletrack on 34:20 fixie is sloooow. Thank you Mr White Ind for the freewheel!

The Chocolate Fish clothing is great and the new long sleeve stuff is just that! I am 6'2" and have long arms, most cycling tops are just long enough...the CF has plenty to spare! I would say that they are 1-2" longer than the longest sleeves I have (Endura LS top / Rapha Fixed jersey) I wear a medium in their stuff and the body is fitted with not too much to flap in the wind and long enough to avoid a builder-bum when I bend over so throw in the looong arms and I am a happy camper :)

A big thanks to those people who have just sponsored me, the Johnny A's crew and Alex...I am really raking it in now! Thanks!

OK, off to work.


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