Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Its the final countdown...with out the big hair+spandex

Well, ok a little bit of lycra!

Not long to go now, I have done a test pack of pretty much all my gear and it fits in the carry on bag (Karrimor hydropack) and holdall. Bike plus shoes / helmet / tyres / tools will go in the bike box with extra padding and some zipties / parcel tape for the return trip. Only a couple of little things to get now like a plug adaptor and waterproofing spray for my over trousers.

My goodie bag of merino wool has turned up from Amanda at Chocolate Fish, another great t-shirt (dark red/grey this time) zip-neck LS top and the Endevour heavy weight LS top / fleece that it double the thickness of a regular winter jersey and £100 less than the Rapha Training Top! Great for chilly nights around camp at 3,000m! Some more socks, prototype boxers and leggings finished of the package. I already have some Mt Cook merino T's and LS tops for casual wear (shorter in the body, baggyer fit) so pretty much 70% of my kit is merino!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Amanda for supplying the kit to some one she has never met and you should all buy some thing from CHOCOLATE FISH as its great kit made in NZ at the old IceBreaker factory.

I got a nice ride in on Sunday in the Forest of Dean including a couple of big-ish climbs and both Dowies and the Skull (looking for Becca's rear light that fell off!) as well as the Lawnmower...I still find freewheeling weird through singletrack but I do like the ease of catching (small) air off roots and steps!

Kit on the bike is 100% sorted now and I have a Cateye front light instead of the old 9LED one. The new one lasts 30hrs on 4AA's and throws a pretty good beam, 2 on the handlebars and you could ride off road pretty well! I am half tempted to try and rig up a helmet mount when I get time. I am pretty taken by these though form a Lancashire chap in Oz warning excessive FLASH content! Even offering constant-current battery setups soon! The biggest nightmare with home-brew lights is the casing / mounts and these are so sweet and tiny :)



miketually said...

Good luck!

Cellarrat said...

mega good luck! Can't wait to hear/read about it!