Monday, 3 September 2007

More in the press...

I am in the local press again but importantly with a link to the Justgiving page so I hope for some more donations! I am trying to get hold of Nelli at Star 107.4 for a follow up interview and mush chase BBC Radio Glos about my email last week...its almost as exhausting as the training (sort of!)

Speaking of which I am planning on being at the Ashton ride tomorrow as it is around my home turf of Cleeve Hill...7pm at the Golf Club y'all. Zero "proper" riding last weekend but plenty of Xtracycle work hauling food and stuff so I hope that all counts towards it and offsets the food and beer consumed at Matt and Katies wedding!

I now have my travel insurance (with race coverage) and am seeing the Dr tomorrow about a letter confirming my (un)fitness. Pretty much wraps up all the prep and kit which is lucky as I am skint! I need to book 3 nights in hotels and the prices seem to waver between £9 and £159 a night! Shimla and Manali are pretty pricy but I hope the organisers can hook me up with a deal somewhere (or keep me out of the worse ones!) Once I have them sorted I can see what I have left for food/entertainment/sightseeing and gifts.

I also plan to get back into practicing Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation) as the race approaches to keep me focused and calm. I did it quite a lot last year partly due to house move / overseas trips and hassle at work but have got out of the routine. I need to set my alarm a little earlier and spend 5-10mins each morning. Its amazing how much more focused, calm and energetic you are after so its really worth making the effort for.