Thursday, 6 December 2007

New bikes, old bikes and bold bikes

Tuesday, as my normal day off was a complete loss as I was up at 6:30am and worked on bikes all day. Not as bad as it sounded as I spent the day at my old shop John Atkins Cycles (Leamington) spannering in their very well equipped workshop.

First job after the full English breakfast at Zebbs was to fit new headset bearings to a gator linear fade Klein Adroit and MC2 (yep, i can tell and Mission Control 1 form a 2 at 20paces...I am sad!) JAC is the last place in the UK with a full Klein headset / bb tool I said they are tooled up. Being the only bugger who knows how to do it I get called in every so often to fettle a bike. Its not a really complex job but it takes time, Patience and a little mechanical know-how. So 3hrs later the Klein has a new, sweet turning headset that should be good for another 10 years.

Next job was to build up a Solitude frame, specifically Matt's stainless lugged audax frame named Rosie. Ultrgra 10sp, ITM forks, Thomson and Cane Creek filled out the gaps in the spec with Brooks bar tape and Swift saddle topping it off. Even with mudguards and lots of steerer spacers it looked great. Matt has promised to make a couple of dry fettle-up rides before taking some proper shots for the web.

Treat of the day was getting to oggle and then briefly test ride a Jeff Jones space-frame bike (thanks Graham!) When it comes to nice bike I have owned and ridden a few but none left such an impression on me as that bike. Even a street ride in trainers on eggbeater pedals on a bike with too lower a saddle and the bars a bit close I felt really at home and instantly able to hop up curbs and wheelie off them. Jeff really knows where its at and has nailed it with this bike (a 23" top tube "production" spec one like Merlin build)

To finish a couple of shots from the workshop (sorry, none of the Jones or Klein, I was pushed for time and photos are thanks to Matt)



miketually said...

Gorgeous bike, although there's something wrong about a Solitude with gears, especially 10-speed ;)

Martin said...

My 24" Jones by Merlin should fit you a T then (not that its arrived yet). It seems a fitting upgrade from my Solly.

I wont be retiring the Solitude yet, just re-purposing it.

Alex said...

Ooohh a jones in my size. If we do meet up at some point I would love a quick spin on it :) Did you go for the space frame or the more normal one? ;)

Gears do make sense on a road bike...well more sense anyway!


Martin said...

The spaceframe. We should definitely try to meet up sometime, preferably when its stopped raining and isn't too muddy.

I was thinking about gears this weekend and came to the same conclusion. I reckon that I'd need at least three.