Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Back in the saddle...sort of

Well for the first time in a while I feel pretty good. Being back on solid food is one big factor and a little sunshine today helped too...black-Monday is over and spring is just around the corner...please allow me my dillusions!

No work today (as its my day off) but I have not been lazy, far from it. Being able to venture out I decided to run some errands so I loaded up 2 big boxed of stuff for the charity shop (Emmanus, Cheltenham for those who want a rummage for Playstation games or rock/metal CD's) and rode over to drop them off before heading up town to the pet shop for 2 bags of kitty litter then back home to drop them off. Back out to take some paper and pedals to work and collect a couple of jiffy bags so I could post my lights. The last trip was to the building suppliers for a bag of plaster and a few other bits I need to be getting on with this week while the motivation to finish the bedroom is still here.

Not sure of the total weight I hauled but I think that it would have filled the back of a regular car! Again the Xtracycle pays for its self.

I might make a trip up to the garage to collect the MOT and V5 for Becca's new car but I am pretty bushed and the weather is not looking too great so I might leave that for tomorrow lunch time.

Still some stuff for sale, please see yesterdays (now edited) listing with photos.

Over n out.


Sunday, 20 January 2008

D n' V blues

Yep, I have had the dreaded D+V virus and have been laid up for over 2 days now. I am on the mend but it really knocked me back both physically and mentally. I hate not doing stuff and lying in a room that is only half plastered / 10% decorated was not great. Thankfully Radio4, Iain M Banks and HH The Dali Lama kept me occupied and interested.

The clear out continues with bags, lights and odds-n-sods being the next to go. Details and photos below:

Source hydration pack (no bladder) only about 3-4l storage but enough for day rides plus 2-3l of water. Nice tear-drop shape and strenum strap keep it stable £10

Carradice zipped roll, used for 4 years and apart from some cossmetic scuffing in great condition £10


Topeak wedge bag, the big one with expanding zip and qr straps. £8

Kirkland HUGE bumbag, probably big enough for S24ON trips if you pack carefully. Two big compartments and loads of compression straps and lashing points. Nice wide padded hipbelt and 2" clickfix buckle. £12

Avid Shoirty4 canti. Brand new and never fitted let alone used. £12

Pace 38t chainring. 110BCD / 5arm old style. Used but life left and no shifting ramps so great for singlespeeds/fixies. £10

Paragon cowled dropouts
. Replaceable hanger steel dropouts for frame building. Spare (shotblasted, so a little rough) hanger included £12

Paragon Sliders
. 3x gear sided with mech hanger and one NDS disc slider. For use with Paragon steel or Ti sliders. £15 the lot

Prices include first class UK postage and all will be sent recorded post. Payment via Paypal to singlespeedpunk AT gmail DOT com and use the same email for any more questions.

That is all...


Thursday, 10 January 2008

Fizzing at the bung

A great expression I got from an Kiwi guy on MTBR. It means to be really excited about something. Well I spoke to Jeff at Carousel Designs last night and I have just sent a deposit for two frame bags (one for Becca and one for yours truly) Speaking to Jeff was great and reminded me why I like the fringes of the bike trade...its the infectious enthusiasm and sense of adventure. I have been lucky enough to experience it several times from people like Paul Turner and Frank S at Maverick, MC, Guri at Star, and a bunch of other guys who are really into their work/fun and want to share it.

This is not to be confused with zealots who force their ideas on you and become a little overbearing (Cloxxki? :) ) Its the good-natured, puppy-tail wagging sense of fun that make me smile and lay down £ and time in their venture.

Now I have told you all how to fleece me...be warned theres not a lot to gain!

Now for the clear out. Email me at singlespeedpunk (at) gmail (dot) com if you want anything. Prices include postage to the mainland UK.

1) XTR M900 canti brake (only 1) with salmon KoolStop pads (plenty of life left) £15

2) Avid Shorty4 canti, never used or fitted £15

3) Avid 160mm Roundagon 6bolt rotor. Not bent/warped, with bolts £10

4) Avid IS 51mm mount, for 160mm / front £5

5) Mavic MA3 32h black rim, life left, not bent TAKEN

6) Mavic MA3 36h black, even better as used on fixie (no braking!) £10 (£5collection)

7) Mavic OpenSport 32h silver, loads of life as replaced to match (trashed) front rim :) TAKEN

8) Pair 26x2.5 street tyres, off Saracen Pylon "urban MTB" with tubes. Only a few commuting miles and up for sale as total over kill on Xtracycle. £20 the pair (£15 collected)

Thats all for now. Big bundle (20+) metal/punk/industrial CD's to come when I get round to listing them. Probably <£1 a CD!



Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Err, hello again

Sorry for the break in service there but i have had a pretty busy (and stressful) christmas and new year. The stress was mainly confined to work and I did get in a couple of great rides as well as seeing frined and family.

A few things on the go now, I have my SSUK entry so I will be heading up to Scotland in May...probably bikepacking for a couple of days to make the trip worth it. To help me in this I am ordering a custom full frame bag from Jeff @ Carousel Design Works. I plan to have a bottle on the bars and carry a 1l bottle in the bag along with tools, tubes, stove, food and other heavy stuff leaving the (higher and further away from the CoG) rack pack for the light stuff like sleeping bag and clothes. Becca is also getting a mini frame pack as her frame is so small fitting a seat pack is a nightmare and she hates barbags. It should enable her to carry all her food, water and junk on day rides with out me acting as pack animal :)

Other than that I have been doing a little (very over due) DIY and planning the wedding...although I still have to book the disco (quickly adds to list) My article should be in the next issue (Feb time) of SingleTrackWorld if Chipps can find the photo CD again :)

The 2008 MTB Himachal is open for entries and is slightly earlier this year (late Sept) Go on, you know you want to!

I am also having another clear-out that includes some bike stuff, info to follow later in the week.

OK, all for now.