Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Back in the saddle...sort of

Well for the first time in a while I feel pretty good. Being back on solid food is one big factor and a little sunshine today helped too...black-Monday is over and spring is just around the corner...please allow me my dillusions!

No work today (as its my day off) but I have not been lazy, far from it. Being able to venture out I decided to run some errands so I loaded up 2 big boxed of stuff for the charity shop (Emmanus, Cheltenham for those who want a rummage for Playstation games or rock/metal CD's) and rode over to drop them off before heading up town to the pet shop for 2 bags of kitty litter then back home to drop them off. Back out to take some paper and pedals to work and collect a couple of jiffy bags so I could post my lights. The last trip was to the building suppliers for a bag of plaster and a few other bits I need to be getting on with this week while the motivation to finish the bedroom is still here.

Not sure of the total weight I hauled but I think that it would have filled the back of a regular car! Again the Xtracycle pays for its self.

I might make a trip up to the garage to collect the MOT and V5 for Becca's new car but I am pretty bushed and the weather is not looking too great so I might leave that for tomorrow lunch time.

Still some stuff for sale, please see yesterdays (now edited) listing with photos.

Over n out.



Cellarrat said...

Man way cool...

As soon as the big dummy is out I want one in a very bad way!

Alex said...

I am (finally at 31years old) learning to drive but I am not sure how much, appart from long distance stuff where I can share the miles with Becca, I will drive what with living in town and having the xtracycle :)

Cheltenham is a pretty bike friendly place (no where near the US towns though!) and quite a high percentage of commuting on 2 wheels but this is the only cargo bike in the place....weird.