Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Err, hello again

Sorry for the break in service there but i have had a pretty busy (and stressful) christmas and new year. The stress was mainly confined to work and I did get in a couple of great rides as well as seeing frined and family.

A few things on the go now, I have my SSUK entry so I will be heading up to Scotland in May...probably bikepacking for a couple of days to make the trip worth it. To help me in this I am ordering a custom full frame bag from Jeff @ Carousel Design Works. I plan to have a bottle on the bars and carry a 1l bottle in the bag along with tools, tubes, stove, food and other heavy stuff leaving the (higher and further away from the CoG) rack pack for the light stuff like sleeping bag and clothes. Becca is also getting a mini frame pack as her frame is so small fitting a seat pack is a nightmare and she hates barbags. It should enable her to carry all her food, water and junk on day rides with out me acting as pack animal :)

Other than that I have been doing a little (very over due) DIY and planning the wedding...although I still have to book the disco (quickly adds to list) My article should be in the next issue (Feb time) of SingleTrackWorld if Chipps can find the photo CD again :)

The 2008 MTB Himachal is open for entries and is slightly earlier this year (late Sept) Go on, you know you want to!

I am also having another clear-out that includes some bike stuff, info to follow later in the week.

OK, all for now.



Cellarrat said...

Oh why did you have to post a link for the himachal!

miketually said...

Happy New Year!

Martin said...

So rail to Edinburgh/Glasgow and ride down to Drumlanrig taking in as many of the 7 staines as possible?

Alex said...

Dave, you would love the Himachal. really laid back event, loads of food and seeing the sights options as well as all the gravel you can ride/race. $500US is peanuts for the level of support the event gives you. Only bummer is the airfare but once you are there its criminally cheap. Several auto-rikshaw drivers did well out of me as I really felt bad about haggling too much!

Only bad thing is taking 4 weeks off so you can do some tourist things before and after the race! (I wish I had the time!)

Martin, not a bad idea. Need to book some time off and see what Becca is up to (she is not racing but might come for the party) as she is not big on minimal bike-packing :)