Thursday, 10 January 2008

Fizzing at the bung

A great expression I got from an Kiwi guy on MTBR. It means to be really excited about something. Well I spoke to Jeff at Carousel Designs last night and I have just sent a deposit for two frame bags (one for Becca and one for yours truly) Speaking to Jeff was great and reminded me why I like the fringes of the bike trade...its the infectious enthusiasm and sense of adventure. I have been lucky enough to experience it several times from people like Paul Turner and Frank S at Maverick, MC, Guri at Star, and a bunch of other guys who are really into their work/fun and want to share it.

This is not to be confused with zealots who force their ideas on you and become a little overbearing (Cloxxki? :) ) Its the good-natured, puppy-tail wagging sense of fun that make me smile and lay down £ and time in their venture.

Now I have told you all how to fleece warned theres not a lot to gain!

Now for the clear out. Email me at singlespeedpunk (at) gmail (dot) com if you want anything. Prices include postage to the mainland UK.

1) XTR M900 canti brake (only 1) with salmon KoolStop pads (plenty of life left) £15

2) Avid Shorty4 canti, never used or fitted £15

3) Avid 160mm Roundagon 6bolt rotor. Not bent/warped, with bolts £10

4) Avid IS 51mm mount, for 160mm / front £5

5) Mavic MA3 32h black rim, life left, not bent TAKEN

6) Mavic MA3 36h black, even better as used on fixie (no braking!) £10 (£5collection)

7) Mavic OpenSport 32h silver, loads of life as replaced to match (trashed) front rim :) TAKEN

8) Pair 26x2.5 street tyres, off Saracen Pylon "urban MTB" with tubes. Only a few commuting miles and up for sale as total over kill on Xtracycle. £20 the pair (£15 collected)

Thats all for now. Big bundle (20+) metal/punk/industrial CD's to come when I get round to listing them. Probably <£1 a CD!



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Martin said...

I love the phrase too. Have you checked the Interweb to discover its roots/meaning?

Whafe's a Kiwi not an Ozzie