Monday, 18 February 2008

All quiet on the biking front...

Well not quite but not a lot of MTB-ing going on despite the good weather! Lee has moved some cable guides on my frame and shot blasted it and tomorrow I am taking it over to Stroud to be powder coated. Most of the other bits are in place for the re-build with only cable inners and Rock n' Roll "cable magic" lube to land on the door mat.

Becca's bike is having a little TLC too as she had fried her front and rear brake pads so I took the opertunity to add some in-line cable oilers to keep the V-brake noodle running sweet and check the drive chain. Well I can say that the chain bends as far sideways as it does up and down! Not bad for an almost 2 year old PC48! The cheapy chainring is toast, partly due to the "bash ring" helping to keep all sorts of crap on it and grinding the chain away. A shiny SRAM PC-870 and Middleburn hardcoat / single ring bolts should sort that out!

I also added some new finishing kit as she managed to crimp her bars at the weekend (putting on loc-on grips no less!) So I have I new Titec stem, seatpost and Flattracker bars on order at silly money. She never liked the shot-peened silver anyway so the new Johnny Cash black stuff will improve the look!

I should hear from Jeff at Carousel soon and the guys at Phil Wood who have my "grindy with a little play after a year" BB back...most weird. Hope to be getting some nice packages from over the pond soon then :)

I have planned out the bulk of the GDR route and just need some PC time to sort out the off-road sections on MemoryMap for putting on the GPS. As much as I would like to leave it behind the GPS is very handy and avoids me buying / carrying too many maps :) Loks like a 4day trip from Chester all the way down Wales and back over the boarder to the Forest of even ends up on the Dowies trail :)

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