Friday, 29 February 2008

Moving along

Well I should finally pick up my frame, resplendant in its new powder coat, on Monday. Plan is to collect it with the headset in my bag and then swing by Williams Cycles on the way back to borrow the headset press (no, you can't borrow tools there...I work there so its different!) and then back home for some assembly and fettling. I have the week off with three aims in mind:

1) Learn to drive. I can physically drive, I just need the practice to pass the test (mid April)

2) Finish plastering the bedroom. Been on the cards for a while and now I need to finish it.

3) Assemble and ride my bike for the first time in almost a month.

Guess I will have wiped 33% of those off by 7pm slacking on the week off.

I got my BB back from Phil Wood who have fitted new bearings, serviced the axle (?) and supplied new rings. I am not sure as to what was up with it or how much it has cost me as the packing note does not list prices and the descriptive lines are cut off before imparting any information. I have emailed them but I am still awaiting a reply... My guess is that there was mud in the bearings, which given the reputation of Phil stuff and the 4 year old hubs I am running on the same bike, is a bit odd. No I don't jet-wash the bike...I don't even have a hose in the yard. Bucket of water, FS-10 and a sponge all the way :)

Got an email from Jeff to say the frame bags are ready and I Paypal'd him the balance and shipping...just a matter of waiting now, which is the one bit I am not tooo good at! I also added to my bike packing kit with a pair of flip-flops for longer trips where you might want to change for dinner (ie T-shirt, shorts and sandals for a pub meal, not a suit for 4 courses at The Fat Duck...I wish!) I guess at £2 and <150g I guess it was a no-brainer!

I have planned the total of the GDR-UK/Stag ride out on MemoryMap, while I was only going to plan the off-road section I guess it can't hurt to have the whole lot on the GPS, especially with the complex Chester to Ruthin sections with its inneumerable small roads and off-set junctions.

I'll leave you with a picture stolen from mc's site of his fixie, such a nice simple (if gangly) bike.



miketually said...

What colour have you gone for? Will we not have matching bikes anymore?

Alex said...

Sorry Mike, its NOT blue any more :)

Just got it back today and have built it up but am running behind on jobs round the house so I will update the blog tomorrow!


Nightfire said...

I really want to comment on the MC, should I talk about the bike. Nah why do that, in true NTW stylee I will say....

Could do with the snow clearing, Tyre and ri logs need lining up, saddle nose pointing to the sky, not enough mud clearance for UK trails, my Specialized stumpjumper would be faster,

I am glad to say that none of those things are my own thoughts ;-) MC makes nice bikes but I still prefer your old MC. Where did that go?