Thursday, 13 March 2008

Life on hold...

I am back to work just about although I am still pretty rough until the Corvonia and Ibuprofen kick in. Went to the Dr's today and ended up with some Amoxycillin 250mg which should clear up the nasty chest infection plus the nausea and blocked ear that came with it! For some one who is in pretty good health for decades at a time the start of 2008 has been a bad one. With luck this should be the last of it.

Still waiting on the frame bags. They are in the UK, Gloucester even, but Parcel Farce are living up to their name. First the site said they tried and failed to deliver them on Monday...not true as the shop was open and no big red truck turned up. So yesterday evening I re-scheduled delivery for today and rode the bike in so I could fit it straight away (I even got up early to fit the heli tape while I was having breakfast!) No dice. Now the on line lie generator is showing "HELD - Awaiting payment of charges" Now no one has seen the letter with the £x listed on it and the 13 digit number so I can pay it online and get the bags moving the 10miles from the depot to me, despite the insitance that it has been sent (by which carrier...just guess!).

I rang the depot and got through to a guy who how after a few false starts and confusion seemed to intimate that the parcel would be with me tomorrow and I could pay with a business cheque (best dig out the Solly cheque book and transfer some £££ into the account) So I will await the delivery tomorrow and if not I am tempted to pop round the depot and start kicking off as the "Express service" has just doubled in time scale with 50%+ of it being spent sitting on a shelf half an hour away!

One good thing that has kept me sane are the recent long posts by mc on his blog, great to see he is getting back into the writing thing and that 700see is finally on its way! Lots of good stuff to while away some time with so check it out. (Link on the right ---> )

OK, enough chesty-cough angst and patience deficit.


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