Friday, 7 March 2008

Still here...

...when its all working. The medication that is! I have been struck down by a nasty bout of man-flu and can only function when the Ibuprofen, Strepsils and Hot toddy are in pharmacological alignement :( Driving have been going well with the test at the end of April booked and some more 2hr lessons penned in for the next few weeks.

No shots of the revived bike yet as I am too shaky to ride it anywhere to get some good shots (like the park at the end of the road!) I should have the Carousel bag soon...tomorrow would be nice and will get some in-situ photos done ASAP. I have stolen these from Jeff's Flickr account, go and have a look at the sweet stuff he sews.

More next week


Becca's mini frame bag for her small 29er. Note the custom daisy logo (the bikes name)

My much larger twin compartment bag complete with waterproof lower zip to keep the tools dry :)


Martin said...

Very nice work.

I've been talking to Jeff about something for my curvy frame. It's a challenge, but one that Jeff is looking forward too.

Alex said...

Now that will be fun to try and trace round! It was bad enough with a basicly 2d frame made from straight tubes...a Jones with curves and twin "top" tubes? Have fun ;)


miketually said...

How are the frame bags in a side wind?

Alex said...

Still waiting for them Mike, hope they turn up today :) I'll tie some string to the bars and see if I can fly the bike like a kite ;)

Might get a local ride in at the weekend but have other stuff planned plus it all depends on my cough / ear infection....this cold has been a real bitch!