Saturday, 5 April 2008

I'm back!

Sorry the blogging has been a little sparse but I have had a busy time recently. Week last Friday I and 14 other supporters of Leonard Chcshire disAbility were guests of 101Sqd. on an air-to-air refueling mission that included taking fuel on to our VC10 from a TriStar then off-loading it to 3 Tornado F3's and a Tornado GR4. For a plane geek like me it was great and I still have 150 photos to sort through! Thanks to Flt Lt Mike Udall and the rest of the crew for allowing us along and answering our questions / not throwing us out the cargo hatch!

My article about the MTB Hiamachal race was published the same day in Singletrack Magazine (WHSmiths, Tescos or LBS for a copy) and I was chuffed it was on page 10 and had some good sized photos to go with it :) Fame and fortune here I come. I am also working on a conceptual art project with my Aunt (who is a famous artist in her own right) that is to do with bike although should have a broard appeal (are you listening Mr Sarchi?)

Riding has been stepping up begining with a great ride on Bank Holiday Monday in the FoD with the Ashton crew. We were some of the last there but managed to throw the bike together and get ready while people faffed. I felt a lot better on the bike although the 34:18 gear still feels a little tall for the climbs and tech stuff...guess I just have to TTFU :) Also met Becca for an after work ride up Harp hill and over Cleeve. While the lower section is rideable the second section past the resovoir is a killer and a good reason to walk. Once on the top it is still quite a way to the radio masts and on to the fun (and almost dry-ish) singletrack. It was great to get a 2hr+ ride in after work and only need lights for safety on the way home.

The lighter evening are not only great for riding but popping out for a beer after work. Now Becca is back at a reasonable hour (or even before me!) we can go for a drink with out ending up eating at 10pm!

So lots to report but no photos as of yet as I have been too busy with 101 other things to download them...may be Tuesday if the weather is as bad as it is forecast!

Over n out.


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miketually said...

"although the 34:18 gear still feels a little tall for the climbs and tech stuff"

I'm thinking the same. It was ok for local stuf and roads with the 1.6" tyres, but I think I'm going to go for a lower gear now that I've got the big tyres on.

According to Sheldon's calculator, sticking a 20t freewheel on will get me a gear (49.5") similar to 32:16 on the 26er (about 51"). I might get a 32t chainring as well to give me 46.6", which will be better for longer rides and especially for doing Hit The North solo.

Before that, I should probably get around put some bar tape on and ride the Solitude, instead of dragging the Inbred out every time. Although, seeing how much a winter of commuting has ruined the Inbred, I've probably done the right thing!