Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Fine tuning but no test....so far

Still faffing with the kit and packing options. I have ditched the emergency foil bag as carrying a sleeping bag, bivvi bag and spare clothes should negate the need for a big bacofoil sack :) I am toying with the idea of a front rack to take the clothes and sleeping bag (in a drysack) so I only have to carry water on my back. The only problem is that the front racks are all pretty small top plates and fixing the bag on there might be tricky. The other option is a bar bag (which I had sold as I was using bar mounted bottles) from Carradice (their zipped roll bag) which can take snacks and waterproofs thus freeing up more space in the frame bag for clothes possibly?

I have made out a provisional menu for the trip and considering the proliferation of pubs and small towns along the way I should not need too many calories in the bag. I am planning porridge/sugar/dried fruit, Geobar and coffee for breakfast. Snacks include 100g of Billtong (jerky) nuts, dried fruit and spicy chickpeas. Evening meals will be in a pub although I will carry some emergency food incase the pubs are closed / out of food / not friendly!

A provisional date has been set so that gives me a target to aim at and a couple of months to try stuff out. My latest purchase that will require some testing / trial and error is a poncho / tarp. I was considering buying some SilNylon but this worked out the same price and was already assembled :) I will need to sort out various pitching options and procure some tent pegs and guy lines from my current tent selection to make a complete shelter but at about 400grams and 2m x 1.5m I think it will be worth taking along.

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