Tuesday, 10 June 2008

1st Test

I managed to get a test ride in on Sunday with the full GDR Bivvi kit and the new Carradice bar bag (that looks very similar to a Barley saddle bag...) I packed the full kit minus food as I know I have plenty of space in the top of the frame bag for snacks and emergency food. The bar bag worked well and although loosing the side pockets would give some more hand room I had no issues on the 3hr ride with the buckles rubbing my hands. Riding with the weight on the bike was not too bad, and a damn sight better than the 23-24lbs total would hint at. Spreading it along the bike (and keeping the tools/water down low) really helped to balance the bike and although I was not super fast I was able to ride The Skull and Dowies Pt2 with no issues.

Only real thing to sort now is the camelbak. I am using my ancient Source bag from c2000 that takes a 2L bladder, rain jacket and trousers and 1st Aid kit. The shape is pretty good with the weight low down but the lack of a proper waist belt means that the shoulders take all the strain. A 10L version of the Karrimor bag I used in the Himalayas would be tops....the search continues!

Packing list as follows:

Fenix light, GPS, rear light on rack.

Bar bag: Sleeping mat, bivvi bag, tarp, lock. 2.1kg

Frame bag:
1L water; tools, tube, pump, etc.; maps, food+snacks, 4x AA's. 2.2kg

Rack Bag:
Sleeping bag (in W/proof bag), stove, mug, wash kit, matches, spare clothes and more space for food. I am also adding a bungee net for additional storage / stop stuff moving about too much. 2.9kg

Source Hydro Pack: 2L water, camera, waterproof jacket and trousers, 1st Aid Kit, wallet/keys. 3.6kg

= 10.8kg including 3L of water (base weight = 7.8kg including bags!)
Food/snacks will add about 2kg for the 4 days...most refueling will be in pubs / local shops!

I have circulated a Memory Map of the route to the participants and got back from Matt a break down of the climbing which was rather alarming....37,000feet in 4 days / 400km! I am looking at the route again to see if there are any silly / unnecessary climbs I can edit but I know that there will be a few "stern walks" along the way. My 20t ACS freewheel on its was from the USA might help a little.

EDIT: Having looked again the scale is to blame for some of the "ski jump" route profiles....ok a 10% climb is plenty on a loaded bike but it is do-able. I have added an alternate on Day 3 and 4 to miss out some of the worst climbs if we are totally knackered though!

I'll finish up with a couple of shots of the bike.



Clink said...

Try the OMM range - they do a 10l sack - used it running and on the Rough Ride this weekend - comfy and very light.

Alex said...

Thanks Clink I'll take a look...


martinh said...

As a tall person I find the Ergon packs great. Different sizes for different sizes of peeps. Not cheap though.