Thursday, 26 June 2008

Bike packing kit....done (Updated!)

Well as done as it gets for an event still a month away. I might swap out some clothes depending on the weather and we are looking at sharing some stuff (stove, 1st aid and tools) so it might even get a little lighter. Snacks and emergency food will add about 1.5kg depending on how much Billtong I get...a 500g bag sounds good!

Sheldon is due over soon to collect his rack and borrow my rack top bag to try packing his kit, he's now thinking that panniers might be a little big even with all his camera gear. Not sure what Matt is doing as he is awaiting his custom sized PHD sleeping bag and bivvi tent...that's what you get for being a body builder and having arms thicker than my legs! I think he is going for the drybags / straps ultra light method too on his Solitude Audax bike.

Total kit weight at the moment is about 6.7kg base weight, add another 3.5kg for water and snacks so about 10kg / 22lbs all in. I have yet to fill and weigh the hip flask but I am happy to drag that sort of weight about! Only the camelbak with 2l of water and camera will be on my back so I am happy to ride all day with no discomfort, I much rather the bike take the weight and then I am only really noticing it when lifting it over fences!

The drybags are from Alpkit who make some amazing kit for really reasonable prices and great customer service to back it up. I really reccomend anyone looking for out door kit have a mooch about their site and give some of it a go. To give you some idea of the value the straps to hold the drybags to the bike cost more than the bags themselves! I also got a couple of packs of clip-its (mini caribena clips) so I can attatch the bungee net over the rack bag so I can carry extra stuff (jaffa cakes etc..) and possibly dry clothes as we ride.

Some photos of the finished set up then goodnight.



Cellarrat said...

looks like a nice tight kit!

Good luck and have fun!

Alex said...

Hi Dave,

Yep, pretty minimal but still with a stove for coffee in the morning / hot chocolate at night! I guess I could go even lighter but you then start sacrificing comfort for the sake of a few grams...I'm out there to enjoy it, not race!

The only thing I have not added yet is my hipflask....and then what to put in it! Ardbeg 10yo is looking good at the moment!

Hope your chest is clearing up and you are getting out on the bike soon.