Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A little news...

Well I did manage to get out over the bank holiday the driving hail and sleet. Pretty cold and wet but a good 1hr45min blast then off to the pub for a beer. Other riding has included taking Trevor and Hazel to the FoD for a nice jaunt in the woods which turned out a little tougher as the Dog Soldiers trail was still pretty wet and slippy. It was Hazels first proper mountain bike trail and she did really well to stay on the bike...better then Trevor and his new SPD pedals :)

Date for the GDR is set on the 26-29th of July so if anyone can arrange good weather for then in Wales it would be appreciated! I need to make a decision on the final packing and start taking all my kit on some rides to have a shake down even if I don't end up camping out.

Other big news is that I passed my driving test yesterday (at the age of 31!) so I can now borrow the Chav-mobile for rides further afield. Any one in the Cheltenham area looking to learn should give Colin Parry a ring as he was a great teacher and immensely patient even with my bumbling lack of coordination! On a completely different note Final / JK Broderick has a new EP out on download only (MP3 or FLAC) on his blog. 47mins of minimal bleeps and soundscapes....great for late night bike fettling.

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