Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Still here...but not for much longer

Yep, GDR-Wales is fast approaching and I have pretty much finalised the kit pending any big swings in the weather. The snacks I am taking are my only concern as in all its 2kg of stuff, 1.5kg I could loose and still have emergency food but I guess I like the idea of not relying on shops / pubs for a snack :)

Final pictures will be up in a day or two along with final info and plans. The only big change is that we are starting from Shrewsbury as Tym can't make it so we are eating, drinking and sleeping at his place before heading due West the next day towards Balla.

Time for sleep and to try and shake this damn cold :( Why do I always get a cold a week before a big event...answers on a postcard...



Anonymous said...

So whats your route? ..and do you mean Bala??

Alex said...

Yeah, Bala...my bad spelling / not enough sleep!

Shrewsbury - Bala (Night1)

Bala - Machynlleth - Llanidloes - Rhayader (Night2)

Rhayader - Beulah - Llandovery - Brecon (Night3)

Brecon - Abergavenny - Monmouth - Blakeny (FoD)



Anonymous said...

Out of interest is your fixie your only bike? How does it cope with being your mtn and road bike?