Saturday, 5 July 2008

Tour divide / GDR amazingness

Well Matt Lee has finished the first ever TD in 19.5days...damn amazing given the terrible conditions (snow) earlier on in the race. Ardie Alson finished in 21days+ which is still amazing for over 2,700miles!

John Nobile is chasing down the GDR record and is (as of the last call in) 2hrs ahead of JP's record and has 14hrs to ride 125miles. Having ridden with John in India I can say that he is damn fast and has proved it pulling back a time deficite in bad conditions. Go John GO!

My own GDR-Wales preparation has been limited to a 2hr blast up the hills with all the kit on the bike to make sure nothing worked loose or fell off. I did notice the rack bag a little when coasting and pushing the bike but only a little rub on the back of my legs, not actually limiting movement. Now its just a waiting game and thrashing out minor details like getting to Chester with the bikes! Train or possibly a car...not sure right now.

Sheldon has test packed his gear (click for link) and gone for a seat-post mounted rack as he has funky IF drop-outs on the bike that make rack fitting a PITA. Alpkit drybags front and back plus a camera case. MSR stove fuel and hip flask on the frame...nice priorities!

Last thing is that I am clearing out some more stuff on Ebay so take a look HERE.

Right, time for food.



miketually said...

Your bikepacking set-up looks nice and neat.

I was meaning to ask earlier, what size Alpkit drybag do you have on the bars, and what straps are you using for holding it there?

I've bungeed a sleeping bag to my bars before, but it wasn't overly secure. I've a 30l Alpkit bag that feels about the right size for on top of a rack, and a Gelert Solo tent, that bungees behind the seatpost without getting in the way.

Alex said...

Hi MIke,

Its a Medium Alpkit bag on the bars, Large on the rack. Straps are from Blacks, they come in at 1.5m long so have been trimmed.

Just been through the list wondering what I could drop for endurnce racing...quite a bit depending on the weather / duration. Not sure if its MikeSee minimal but its close!


martinh said...

The fasty straps at are quite good and come in a range of sizes and colours