Sunday, 3 August 2008

Been back a while

But only just got round to posting anything. I have some photos on the Picasa slide show below, more (and better) photos can be found on Sheldon's Flikr account.

The trip was everything a road-trip should be; long miles, weird people, bad food and good beer. Throw in some gorgeous weather and we had it made. From a kit point of view everything worked 100% although if I did it again I would ditch a lot of the snacks and hot drinks (plenty of pubs, cafes and shops along the way) The coffee mug/press while pretty good would be swaped for a towel. The best bit of kit had to be the bungee net as you could use it to dry your shorts, carry jaffa cakes and catch a lift from other riders :)



Cellarrat said...

maybe next year I'll be able get over there... I so gotta do a whiskey/ MTB tour :)

Alex said...

It would be great to see you over this side of the pond, plenty of good riding and a damn sight flatter than that crazy Co. stuff!