Monday, 29 September 2008


Yep, been back a week now but have been pretty busy at work and other stuff has sapped my blogging time (never much recently) Riding has been spotty but The Wall trail at Afan and some sweet trails around Tintern (Monmouthshire) have been sampled. Still rocking the drop-bar fixie but there might be a change (or addition) on the horizon.

The new Haunted album landed today and it shows a return to form and better (read heavier production) than the new and pretty good Metallica album. Still waiting for the new Jesu EP to arrive from Japan but having listened on the 'net it has to be some of the most, err, comercial and poppy output form Mr J K Broadrick ever.

Lots of events appearing on the off-the-radar radar (if that makes sense) Plus some local stuff.