Sunday, 12 October 2008


Lack of energy, motivation and err, umm, eloquence? Despite the lovely weather I have not been out on the bike. Yeah, I should I guess but when a habitual early riser sleeps in until gone 10am on a sunny Sunday something is wrong. Today has been a relaxing one, some light DIY, bike fetting and zombie killing on the Wii.

The winter bike project is well under way. I have an OS Bikes Blackbuck frame and forks on its way from Mark Slate (WTB / Cunningham fame) and a stack of Titec, DT, Race Face, WTB and Avid parts sat at work ready for the frame to land here. My cousin Nicky has expressed an interest in building up a bike so I might see if he wants to give me a hand putting it all together (wheels included) one weekend. Its cool to help people learn stuff...might have to miss out on the beers and metal while doing it ;)

The plan for the bike is to be a low-geared freewheeling bike with "normal" bars for messing about on over the winter while the drop-bar Solly is fitted with 42c tyres for long mixed-terrain rides and bike-packing.

Speaking of bike packing, there is a new site / forum on that subject ( missed a trick there) that is worth checking out. A nice mix of newbies like me and seasoned vetrans so there is a good spread of experiance and some cracking ride reports.

My friend, best man and bike-adventure vetran Matt sent me a great present, a photo book made up of photos we all took on the GDR ride with captions. Its great to have a hard copy of the shots and once we get a coffee table it will look cool on there :) Thanks Matt!

OK, enough blather from me. Have a nice week.



muddy runner said...

so where is this new bike packing forum then?

miketually said...

I was about to ask the same question :)

miketually said...

Alex said...

Whoops, yes its Sorry for the missed link!