Wednesday, 19 November 2008

No riding, just planning

Motivation continues to wane, bike sit dormant in the cellar but I hope that its on the turn.

Very little to report, I am still fettling the 3PR route in MemoryMap. Plans for another multi-day ride might be in the offing too. So much to plan.

On the other hand people I know have been busy: Jill from the Up In Alaska blog has published a book and Dave Nice (aka Slowerthensnot) is a film star so have a look here.

No chance to read the book yet as it only arrived at lunch time today but if its anything like the blog it should be great. Dave's short film is a really good sketch of a rider who just loves to ride and get out there and do it rather than waste time on-line talking about it.

Right, better sign off.


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