Saturday, 20 December 2008

Brain training

Because I have been too ill to ride :( Becca has had the flu, and just like she said in the marriage vows, she shared it with me. Cue 2days off work bored to death. I am back in today as its the "busiest shopping day" of the year...well not in this bike shop. Pretty much all the bikes are sold and awaiting collection. P+A is going OK for last minute / little pressies and the odd kids bike.

So while I was off I did do some thinking about how I am going to build a good base mileage early in the year given the weather and motivation that early January brings. So I have decided to combine watching all those movies I have never go round to seeing and training into one. One joy of wooden floors and a detached house is that you can set the turbo-trainer up in the lounge and watch a movie with the sound way up with no complaints. So I need to compile a list of good movies I want to watch and fill out a Blockbuster membership form.

I realise that it won't replace all out doors cycling but should allow me to shift some of the extra stone I have gained in the last few months. Base miles interspersed with self-flagulation on the Ashton club rides should help build my strength and stamina.

I think I have pretty much sorted how and what I am carrying on the Spiti Race, yeah I know its months away and planning whats going where should be way down the list I had plenty of "mind time" on my hands in the last two days so I have it sorted. Frame pack will take the tools, tubes, pump, first aid kit, arm and leg warmers, buff and hat plus snacks and race book (if its the same as the MTB Himachal we need a "Time Book" which is a 50page duplicate book for signing at the start and finish of stages)

The Camelbak Classic will take 2l oh H2O and the Montane jacket on the bungee net and the lip balm, emergency whistle and MP3 player on the straps. I know I hate carrying stuff on my back but the Classic with its minimal weight and good straps is OK for longer stuff. No matter how I pack the kit the ride is going to hurt. Getover it. The only unknown I know at the moment is where the riders support jeep will be on the day. Each Jeep is shared by 4 riders and carries their stuff during the day and word is you can access your stuff during the race. Handy if you end up busting lots of tubes or rip a tyre.

I have just been lent a copy of "Short Walks in Shangri-La" and while it is about a walking trip to Nepal some of the stuff rings true with India too and while I am only a couple of chapters in its an entertaining read.



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