Monday, 8 December 2008

Chocolate Fish Mernio Beanie

I had a phone call from Amanda at Chocolate Fish the other day checking that my mailing address was the same as she wanted me to test the newest product in their range, a beanie made from the off-cuts of the T-shirts. Regular readers will know that I have bought CF stuff in the past and in 2007 they sponsored me more of their great clothing for the MTB Himachal. So I could be seen as biased but I'm not and you'll have to take my word for it.

The beanie is pretty light weight and packs up really small. Available in black, blue or green and made from 190gm super fine NZ merino (and made in NZ too) the price of £7.50 it is amazing value (others charge up to £35 for boutique brands!) At this price it will make a great stocking filler for cyclists and outdoors people.

So how does it work? It fits great under a helmet and the seams are a lot less noticeable than the synthetic ones I have used (Polaris and Lusso) It is not quite as warm but that's a good thing as after adding 250g of super-insulating polystyrene helmet you can over heat pretty fast. All the normal praise for super fine merino applies (no itch, does not stink after a few rides, works well over a range of temperatures etc...) Definately a bit of kit that will always be in my frame bag for unknown weather conditions or on my bonce at this time of year!

Buy it here and don't forget to look at the other stuff too as it works just as well and is a lot cheaper than other brands!



miketually said...

Just ordered myself a black one; they look great.

Alex said...

It worked really well onlast nights -5deg night ride :) Looked OK in the pub too :)

miketually said...

The beanie arrived this morning (very quick service!) with a free pouch of Nikwax wool wash stuff too. Pretty good for £7.50!

It fits great under my helmet, but is maybe a big snug to wear on its own as I look like I'm wearing a swimming cap (I have a very large head).

I look forward to trying it out properly on my ride to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll not have helmet hair at work for once?

If feels very well made and, assuming their other stuff is the same quality, I'm sure I'll be buying more from Chocolatefish. Is the baselayer of similar construction?

Alex said...

The base layers are the same material and mine have been washed and worn weekly and no signs of giving up. Worth the £££ compared to IceBreaker stuff that is just silly money now.