Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Beard and training

Well the first "Turbo trainer Tuesday" is over. When I finally got the DVD to work due to the scratches on it the film (Hannibal Rising) was pretty good and kept me ammused for 2hours of spinning.

My beard is progressing in the normal way, ie patchy and not joind-up. I might have to shave some bits so people know its intentional and I'm not just homeless.

Good news on the Spiti race is that the price of BA flights has come down, bad news is that new work commitments might scupper the whole thing. I am awaiting confirmation that its all ok so until then I am carrying on as if I am definately going. I had a chance to chat to Dhananjay on Gmail Chat and clear up some stuff about the race but mainly catch up on whats happening on the Indian Subcontinant, specifically Shimal.

Not much to report so thats it.


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