Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Damn that pesky £ : $ rate

1.39 mid market rate at the moment, which is 0.01 less than the rate HSBC were offering last week, they are now down to 1.36. Why is that important? Well the entry for the Spiti race needs to be paid in US$ and I live in the UK. Race entry (even with my repeat offender / press discount) is £1200 (or slightly more than I earn in a really good month) Add to that the air fare, spending money and some of the kit I need to buy and its £2k for 8 days racing.

Now I know it will be an amazing experience and I will love it, what I struggle with is the fact that I always said if I went back to India I would do it at my pace and do some sight seeing / relaxing inbetween the racing. £1200 will pay for a plane ticket, spending money AND anything else I need to tour India for a month, figure in the £2k and that covers the mortgage and bills while I am away if I can't get it as paid holiday.

Factor in other things like wanting some bedroom furniture (like a wardrobe to hang my stuff in) and a DVD player that works, your know, once in a while and it all looks a bit skewed.

Guess what I'm saying is that unless the £ gains against the $ I will have to look at pulling the plug and either taking a solo tour in India or just take a ferry to Europe or stay in the UK and pray for good weather.

Sorry for the downer of a post but things need evaluating :)


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