Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Nothing Tuesday....

Pretty quiet day today. I took the BB out for a walk over Leckhampton hill, a ride is too strong a word for it. Good to get the heart rate up and have a think. Despite the 20t cog some of the snow was too deep / slusshy underneath to ride much and the brakes are still making a horrible noise! Time to hit MTBR for some ideas on how to solve it!

Some photos to finish, including Becca's new tool roll from Minx-Girl.


Tool roll

View over 'Nam

Clouds clearing

Snowy gully push

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow fun being ill

Well today I was recovered enough from my nasty throat infection / falling over illness that I could get out on the bike and enjoy some of the snow. Having spent two days unable to stand up for long, let along ride / work / do anything constructive I was glad to get out. The weather was not too bad and despite the deep snow and frequent off's I stayed warm and happy. The new SealSkinz waterproof and warm socks certainle helped. They are much improved on the c2000 versions that were two old walking socks with a thick carrier bag between them :) Toasty feet all day and room for some thin merino socks if its really cold / wet.

Bike de jour was the BlackBuck with new SBC Ergo Grips, I have seen people run them with the Ergon grips but as a) we didn't have any in stock and b) the SBC ones are 1/4 of the price I thought I would give them a go. Despite not having the angle 100% spot on they really helped on the bumpy downhills, or at least the down hills I didn't have to pedal down to keep moving! I have tweaked the angle (and that of the brake levers) so it should be spot on now. I also fitted the Salsa seat clamp from the Solitude as the cheap QR on the BB was not holding the post even with out the Carradice bag! The bolt-on collar seems to hold it a lot better and I compared the WTB post to the Cane Creek, Titec and BBB posts we have in the house and they are all the same diameter (give or take a little!) so its not the post. Fingers crossed this stops the slipping.

Other things that needed sorting was taking the 1/8" bearing out my rear hub...when I find that joker they are for it! Tightening the front wheel cones a tad. Stopping the brakes rubbing / squeeling was another taks undertaken while listening to Scotland loose to Wales in the 6nations :( I think I need a little copper slip on the backs of the pads and check the frame and forks with the disc mount facing tool although the Avid brakes should take care of that with the spherical washer mounting system.

I have to say the more I ride the BB the more I like it. Its quite different from the Solly which was designed with "regular" v2.0 29er geometry (72/72deg, 470mm x 47mm fork and 300mm BB height) I dropped the EBB to the lower position which lets me run the saddle a bit lower and makes me feel a lot more "in the bike" which for messing about on and keeping up with people like Sheldon makes sense. I guess I will keep tweaking things as I go along but as it is I am amazed with how fun it is and how well it fits.

While I was off I did manage to watch the film I had on rental. "Gandhi" is an amazing film that should be on the sylabus of every school and be show on TV a bit more. So much we could learn from a simple man and his ways.

A few photos to finish.


Nasty weather moving in

That did hit the camera!

Pushing throught the deep snow on the common

No kick stand needed!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bothy Bother...

Last weekend saw me take a rare Saturday off and travel up to mid-Wales for a long day ride and over night stay in a Bothy Sheldon had found (somehow!) We started form Rayader and rode up over the hills, through quite a few bogs and streams before heading back into town after 21miles and 5hours of riding. Despite a pasty and hot chocolate Becca was still feeling too cold to spend a night in a Bothy (and the stream crossing and 2km ride to get to it in wet clothing) so we had a pub meal and headed home.

The BlackBuck performed really well as an all day bike and the descending performance was great although the Carradice Glentress seatpost bag kept making the post slip on the bumpy stuff so I need to find another way of carrying my kit...possibly a Wingnut Gear backpack... I have re-greased the front hub and replaced the bearings as the sealing on it was not up to the normal Shimano standards and after 4 rides they were full of dirt and rough as a badgers arse :(

Despite taking the camera I only took 4 photos and 2 of them were crap...ah well.