Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bothy Bother...

Last weekend saw me take a rare Saturday off and travel up to mid-Wales for a long day ride and over night stay in a Bothy Sheldon had found (somehow!) We started form Rayader and rode up over the hills, through quite a few bogs and streams before heading back into town after 21miles and 5hours of riding. Despite a pasty and hot chocolate Becca was still feeling too cold to spend a night in a Bothy (and the stream crossing and 2km ride to get to it in wet clothing) so we had a pub meal and headed home.

The BlackBuck performed really well as an all day bike and the descending performance was great although the Carradice Glentress seatpost bag kept making the post slip on the bumpy stuff so I need to find another way of carrying my kit...possibly a Wingnut Gear backpack... I have re-greased the front hub and replaced the bearings as the sealing on it was not up to the normal Shimano standards and after 4 rides they were full of dirt and rough as a badgers arse :(

Despite taking the camera I only took 4 photos and 2 of them were crap...ah well.


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