Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Riding and sunshine

Both have been in short supply until recently. Sunday saw a 77km ride to practice for HoNC in a few weeks time. All went well until I bonked and my knees started playing up after about 50km. Powergrips are not for me :( Back to the SBC shoes and Time ATAC's all the way.

Tuesday night ride was around the FoD and finished up with a trip down DogSoldiers in the pitch dark..spooky! Becca will need some new rechargeable AA's for the 24hr race as my old ones are starting to get a memory / limited capacity. I took the BlackBuck as having a freewheel helped with the recovery although after 30km my knees protested anyway.

I now have a pair of Maverick SC32 forks to fit to the BlackBuck, not sure how they will affect the geometry as they are 50mm taller and 12mm less rake. I have just fitted the 29er kit, topped up the oil on the spring side and built a wheel to suit...quite a busy lunch hour! I hope to get them fitted tonight depending on what chores need doing as I was busy all Tuesday and its Mothers day this Sunday and the family are coming round!

The SC32's look to be the fork fettlers dream as they are easy to work on and have lots to change. Short of setting the air pressure and adding the oil to stop bottoming out I have not changed anything ...yet! Shim stack, oil cartridge pressure and negative spring might all come in for fettling until they are set just right for me.

Pictures once I get it sorted.


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