Sunday, 31 May 2009

Welsh Ride Thing.....part done

I might get round to a full "race rpeort" but for not I will say that I bagged 6 of the 11 (10 plus a bonus one) check points despite arriving an hour and a half late with a splitting headache. The push over the boggy moorland was not a whole heap of fun but I made reasonable time considering. Bugged out of No7 as it was all pretty waterlogged. Cut down to the A44 and bivvied in a lovely bit of pine forest. Super sunny both days and I was back at 11:30 am on Sunday having covered 94km.

The bivvi kit and packing were pretty much spot on although I did pack the matches and water treatment tabs in the wrong bag that lead to a couple of horrible moments. Oh and I burnt the porridge to the bottom of the Ti mug and I can't get it off! Might try sandpaper now...

BIG thanks to Stuart and his wife for organising the event and providing cups of tea and bothy locations :) for training and guides in Mid Wales.


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