Saturday, 15 August 2009

Another break in service

Just back from Scotland (sans bikes for once) although I seem to have come back with two bottles of single malt, some great memories and photos.

Now that I am back I am trying to get my riding mojo back in prep for the week off I have in September and still no plans for. I know that Eric is shipping my seat bag and handlebar set up next week so at least I will have a way of carrying stuff...somewhere.

I have fitted the rigid forks back on the Blackbuck to give them another go with the beefy WTB Stout rescued from Becca's bike. It will be interesting to compare it to the Maverick SC-32's...I expect it to be rougher but much faster handling. We'll see. The impetus for this was the lovely thread on with the Don McClung bikes on it.

Another thing I am trying are flat pedals for more sedate riding and road stuff. The idea of just taking some Vans Old Skools on tour appeals as with size 12's spare shoes take a lot of room in the bag. We'll have to see how sucessful this is as I do enjoy being clipped in on technical stuff. For road I have no concerns so stay tuned for the results.

Right, which whisky to try now...

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