Sunday, 23 August 2009

Photo update

Went out on the rejuvanated Blackbuck today. Only a short ride over Leckhampton to try and bed in the new pads in the Avid BB7s and check that Thomson stem and post were sat correctly. The WTB Rocket saddle was pretty nice considering it is pretty skinny compared to the Speed saddle on the Solly.

I did a 1st attempt on the Jones wrapping method and it turned out pretty well although I have an idea to tweak it.

Also pictured is the new Ti Stove...light and boils pretty fast. I hope to use it next week on a couple of trips.



Cellarrat said...

hummm been thinking about buying one of those virgo stoves... virgo right?

I'm sooo digging the jbar...

Think i'll be ordering a few few of them

Alex said...

I should be trying it out later in the week with some trips from home / S24HON stuff.

How's your head after the coffee machine attacked?