Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Disapointment...and a pick-me-up

Against the advice of my wife I listened to Muse's new single. Not good compared with their previous stuff.

Luckily YouTube has a fine range of songs from The Haunted :)

99 live

Gets the Peter Dolving seal of approval.


Friday, 4 September 2009

NEW TOYS....sorry for shouting :)

My Epic bags turned up today so I quickly packed them with the bivvi kit and slapped them on the bike for a quick test. In the bags is my complete kit except food and fuel bottle. To be fair I will probably have a camelbak with waterproofs, 1st aid kit, arm and leg warmers, buff, cap and sunglasses in it so that will pretty much empty the front pocket on the bar bag (just leaving the tools, tube and pump in there)

The rear bag fits a huge ammount in and is a triumph of fabric engineering. In there is a folded and rolled 3/4 sleeping mat, cooking kit, wash kit, trousers, long sleeve top, cycling shorts and jersey, wind proof and over trousers. Again a few of the light items might make their way to the camelbak or for summer touring I might loose some of it (if I can garantee the weather!)

New on the bike is the Hope / DT front wheel to match the back...sweeet.

Off to fettle some more.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Things I never thought I would say...

Why is there a crocodile on the roof?

Solitude 29er for sale

Two in one day eh? What are the chances of that.

A bacon sandwich is a dead pig being cuddled by two slices of bread.