Sunday, 18 October 2009

Back from Scotland....soul reset and ready to go

Having spent a week riding great trails with friends, eating too much and drinking more I am back in the riding groove. My fitness made a last minute return and my handling skills were bored of kicking about in the attic so they made the 5hr trip north too. Its nice overtaking the full-sus boys on a rigid singlespeed with flat pedals.

The pedals were great, especially when the 10mm pins turned up from Ebay on Tuesday morning. The TNF Hedgehog shoes were grippy on and off the bike and did not look too odd in the pub :) I noticed no real problems climbing and none descending once I got the hang of having my heels down (like riding a horse...not that I have for years) Only down side is that the lovely Ox Blood red paint is coming off...oh well.

Pedal pins are available from these guys
(you will need M4 for DMRs) and in 8 or 10mm depending how deep the tread on your shoes are.

Time for tea and cake.