Saturday, 23 January 2010

First ride out

After a quick trip into work I was able to escape for a couple of hours to give the pack and the new bike set up a try over Cleeve Hill and 3deg temps. All the kit worked well and the bag did not stress my shoulders and neck at all. The 6gears certainly helped especially across the sucky wet grass of doom towards the Pylons (Locals will know this one!) The bike is shod with WTB Weirwolf 2.55s and they are running Bonty tubes...the last two with removable valves so I can add some Bonty Super Juice that apparently will work with tubes and not only those troublesome tubeless setups.

Lusso leg warmers have two great resons to buy them: they are super long, even with my long legs the go from ankle to crotch with no problems. They are also super warm and pretty windproof which for a chilly descent over Harp Hill (or Thorung La) is what you need. Also pretty water repellant. £18 well spent.

The MP3 charger has turned up along with 2 AA Lithium batteries...not bad for £2.30 from FleaBay. Battery charger for the camera has been added (174g) but I might try and source a shorter 2pin plug flex as 1.5m is a little excessive!

More riding tomorrow, if my legs can take it!


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