Sunday, 17 January 2010

The low down for the kit weenies

So here is the current iteration of the kit I intend to take and the bike set up (well the gears any way)

First up the gears, as described in my last post its an 8sp cassette minus the 11 and 30t sprockets. XT mech and old 8sp pod shift the SRAM PC58 chain. No dropping issues which is a shame as I really like the Paul Chain Keeper :) Shifting has been pretty good considering the two weeks of snow / slush and salt that has been thrown at it. Cleaned on Thursday night and oiled as there was a little noise from it but still working fine. I might have to go back to Finish Line Wet lube as the Rock N Roll King of Lubes might be a little out of its depth in this bad weather. Teflon tandem gear cable and standard gear outer (full length) are working fine and will do for years :)

Right, the kit. I have picked up a Inov-8 30 bag and bladder. The bladder sits on the lower back and wraps round the wing pockets and looks to keep the weight low down on your hips (ie how rucksacks are meant to be worn...CamelBak take note!) It fits really well as it is really long in the back compared to other 30L light weight bags.

I have got everything inside the bag (and a little room to spare) and the mesh side pockets are free for snacks / souvenirs / Kukris :) Total weight with 2L of H2O is 17.6lbs

Right the kit: (left to right from top)

Top row:

Crank Bros pump, Topeak tool, Gerber micro, tube, puncture kit / zip ties / chan links / tyre boot etc... [missing Avid pads, gear and brake cable]
Alpkit Headtorch, 3x AAA spares.
BBB Glasses and case, cleaning cloth.
Ricoh CX1, LowePro case, 2x spare batteries and 2 memory cards.
Sandisc Clip 8Gb MP3 player and head phones [missing 2x Lithium AA's and charger]
Sun screen (SPF50), hand wash, Chlorine Diox, Lipbalm in ditty bag (waist pocket on bag)
First aid kit; inc syringes and hypodermic needles, painkillers. [missing Imodium, Diamox and wide spectrum antibiotics which I will get in Kathmandu]
Leatherman lock knife
Mini-towel (A3 size) and 40 antibacterial wetwipes

2nd Row:

Cotton trousers and linen shirt casual / flight clothes
2x Chocolate Fish Merino T-shirts
Chocolate Fish Merino long sleeve zip neck
Lifeventure multi soap (will take 100ml bottle due to restrictions, 200ml shown)
Toilet paper, toothbrush and paste, glasses cleaner, ear plugs, Otravine (all wash kit fits in blue ditty bag)

3rd Row:

Montane Velocity jacket
Montane Velo over trousers
Silk sleeping bag liner
Swerve Cycling cap (waterproofed)
Chocolate Fish Merino boxers and longjohns
Chocolate Fish Merino beanie
Silk glove liners
Long wool socks
Chocolate Fish Merino socks
BBB winter gloves
Lusso Repel thermal leg warmers

Bottom Row:

Karrimor Global 900 synthetic sleeping bag (good to 0deg C, -5 with liner + merino layer)
Inov-8 Pro 30L pack and 2L bladder.

Not shown:

Topeak XL seat bag (for tubes, tools and pump)
2x 600ml bottles on the bike
2m electrical tape (on bike)
4m Gaffer tape (on bike)
Snacks for along the trail - bought locally.

And it all fits in this:

Not shown are the clothes I will be wearing:

Endura FS-260Pro bib shorts
Rapha 3/4 shorts
Fox Racing Merino short sleeve top
Chocolate Fish Merino socks
Cheap watch
Prescription glasses
Bell helmet
TNF Hedgehog GoreTex shoes
SBC long finger gloves

Thats all for now. I need to see about getting the bike strapped to the backpack for those long carry sections :)


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