Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ouch! x3

Ouch one is that I have just been for my jabs for the trip. Due to a pretty comprehensive pin-cushion session before India I only needed a Hep-A booster :)

The second ouch was the cost of my new Passport that arrived today, £77.50 for 32 lovely pages to fill...not that I used more than a dozen in the last one over the last decade...I blame the EU as you don't get a stamp going to the continent any more :(

And number 3 is that I seem to have been suffering from a quantum case of Kathmandu-belly and have been felling as rough as a badgers behind for the last 3 days, hopefully I am over the worst of it as I am bored senseless sat in the house. I did get to read the Lonely Planet guide book for Nepal.

While it contains much useful information there are quite a few chapters on all the terrible stuff that could happen (and if you believe some people will) as soon as you step off the 'plane. I am not sure if they are mentioning it to legally cover their asses or to disuade nervous people from venturing abroad but having traveled before I can't see too many problems with Nepal.

Last thing to sort is the insurance, camera charger and batteries and fettle the bike...which will be a days work in its self!

Bike stuff includes:
Loc-titeing all nuts and bolts,
Getting the bike box and packing sorted,
Fitting a thumb shifter (and possibly new cable and outer...damn),
Re-wrapping bar tape,
Stopping the Ourys moving all over the place,
Changing brake pads (I'll keep the old ones for spares),
Saddle angle adjustment.
...the list goes on

I want to get all this done in good time so I can spend a month shaking it down with a full pack. Tyre choice (having pored over photos of the area) will be WTB Weirwolf 2.55" with probably Bonty self-sealing tubes (my slime ones are past it...add to the list of stuff to do!) as they give good grip and comfort at low pressure and pumped up hard will roll fast on reasonable surfaces...even tarmac should I encounter any!

Right, might try some food and see if it does not bolt for the exit!


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