Sunday, 31 January 2010

Practicing: Take2

Nice ride in the FoD today despite the early start as Sheldon has to drive to Poland this afternoon! Nice 18-20miles around the woods with plenty of hills and techy trails. Dungeons and Dragons trail is pretty muddy and cut up, logging operations have not helped and the boardwalk is missing although it did not stop The Swede making the drop! I rode with all my Nepal kit / in the clothing I will use and it all worked fine, I even lost the jacket after the first climb as it was warming up to 1 or 2 deg C. Bag worked well and only a little strap adjustment as I drank the water from the wrap-around bladder.

Bike did great and the new DX thumbshifter is much better than the XT pod I was using. I put the Stout back on the front for extra grip in the sludgy conditions but the rear Weirwolf did really well in the bad conditions and gave a little cushioning on the frozen ruts.

I have packed my pedals with grease again and loctited the nuts on, this should be the last time I touch them but the right one is getting a little loose on the inboard bushing...I'll keep and eye on it.

Wise words from Mikesee: "Build it strong, build it comfey, use loctite"

Pretty worn out now, beef stew and dumplings for tea :)

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